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Explore Lake Skadar

famous for it’s diversity

Lake Skadar is the largest in the Balkan peninsula with a surface area that seasonally fluctuates between 370 km2 and 530 km2 . Approximately 2/3 of the dolphin-shaped lake belong to Montenegro, while 1/3 belongs to Albania. It is a cryptodepression, which means that some parts are below the sea level.

Located in Zeta – Skadar valley, it’s a blissfully pretty area encompassing steep mountains, island monasteries, clear waters and floating meadows of water lilies. The climate type is hot-summer Mediterranean with dry summers.

On one side you will enjoy in sight of breathtaking mountain group – Prokletije, transaled, Accursed Mountains and on the other is Rumija, mountain with great religious significance. It rises above the town of Bar, and is a natural Dinaric barrier, separating the Adriatic from the Skadar basin.

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Skadar Lake landscape
Birds on Skadar Lake


Lake Skadar is famous for its diversity of flora and fauna. It is stated that 270 kinds of birds inhibit this Lake, 50 species of fish, trees of endemic Skadar oak, and many rare, medicinal, aromatic species. Symbol of the lake is Dalmatian Pelican. This rare and endangered birds are enjoying on Skadar Lake, in one of the few nesting sites in the world. It is important to emphasize that the lake is world's second largest colony of pygmy cormorant.

Around 90% of birds are migratory and are of international importance. During migrating season, white little egret and spoonbill, as well as various kinds of ducks, pass over this region. It is also abundant in fish, especially in carp, bleak and eel. Of the 34 native fish species, seven are endemic.

monuments & International recognition

Skadar Lake have long and proud history. It was the site of one of the first significant uprisings against Axis invaders in WWII. In the center of a small town Virpazar is a monument dedicated to the Partizans and Heroes of the WWII. Numerous cultural and historical monuments, such as archaeological finds, monasteries, fortifications and islands scattered in the wide range of the Skadar Lake basin, show us that in the XIV and XV century this area was a significant cultural center.

Whole this region called Crmnica used to be the richest part of Montenegro and now is considered to be one of the most fertile regions of our country. It is known for its vineyards and wine production. Due to the mild climate and fertility, this area was famous for a long time, and the rulers of Zeta (late medieval principality) built courtyards and monasteries in it.

So many places are real treasure. We recommend Islands of Beška and Starčevo with monasteries related to Balšić dynasty, cruise around “Montenegrin Alcatraz”, village Godinje with nearly one hundred ancient stone houses that are true architectural marvel, Rijeka Crnojevića and Žabljak Crnojevićrelated to Montenegrin medieval rulers Vojislavljeći and Crnojevići, Ostros with centuries-old chestnut forests and many more untouched gems.

Montenegrin Alcatraz

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