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Explore Piva Lake

most elevated artificial reservoir

In 2015. Piva was declared as the first regional nature park in Montenegro. The magnificent beauty on almost 32 500 ha is diverse relief - mountains above 2300 m, five lakes, large pastures, forests, breathtaking canyons. Placed in the northern part of Montenero and known by its untouched natural beauty, it is a great choise to escape from noisy cities and forget traffic jams. Picturesque landscapes of this park complete more than 20 small villages, detailed with old-style architecture and traditional katun.

Lake is artificial, result of the construction of Mratinje Dam on Piva river in 1975. It is 45 kilometers long, up to 200 m deep, with 675 m from the sea level, the most elevated manmade reservoir in the world. Our glamping resort is on the beach, so we are here to show you the beauty that hides, all the way to the deep cut canyon of Komarnica.

Get in touch with nature in a different, unforgettable way!

Girl sitting on a bench near a Piva Lake
Piva Lake landscape


Conditions for active holiday and botanists are excellent. More than 1,500 species of plants are waiting for you, many of which are rare and endangered species.

Locals are using them for medicinal purposes. It is stated that there are more than 200 types of mushrooms and a lot of those are used as nourishment. Flora treasures consist of white & black pine, beech, fir, maple and spruce forests.

This beautiful nature is home for brown bear, deer, wild boars, chamois, wild deer, foxes, wild cats, jackals. Tara and Piva river are rich in trout, chub, grayling and sprout fish.

monuments & International recognition

Piva has a rich and very special history. Some documents show that some settlements existed in Paleolithic. One cave in this small municipality in the last century was archaeologically explored. It showed that it is one of the oldest discovered human habitats in Montenegro with traces of ancient art.

Beside that story, very important one is about stećci, medieval tombstones. This interesting phenomenon you will be able to see in certain areas of the Balkan. They demonstrate the merging of religions, chivalry and folk cultures between the 12th and 16th century. They are decorated with unusual and beautiful carvings, social, religious symbols, ornaments, unclassified motifs. Throughout Montenegro, Serbia, BiH and Croatia there are over 70,000 mysterious carved stone tomb monuments at 3,000 sites. 28 of those, including three in our country are protected UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Another interesting part of the story is that on the bottom of Piva Lake is the old town Plužine. Lake Piva was formed after the Piva River was dammed to generate hydrologic power in 1975. Piva Monastery was also there, on the spring of the river, but it has been relocated 7 km from Plužine. The works on its displacement lasted longer than a decade, from 1970 to 1982. That proces was extremely complex, given that it is a monumental temple, whose interior is painted with 1260 m2 of frescoes.

Wall art paintings from Piva Monastery

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