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Who are we?

blame it on Ivan

The creator of the whole story is Ivan, a man with a vision. Ivan started his story on Skadar Lake, ten years ago and invented "Ok Koral Nature Holiday" concept. In 2019. he developed a unique glamping resort in Piva, hidden spot on the water’s edge in Piva Canyon, in the northern part of our country.

In Piva Lake Glamping the concept is just the same as we have in our other camp on Skadar lake – pure, untouched nature, healthy food and active approach to leisure time. Recognizing the importance of preserving that system, we have carefully choosen the materials to build our resort. In our wooden restaurant we serve organic food, which we produce and prepare according to the concept farm-to-table. Ivan is also our main chef and he grows organic food in Skadar lake camp, where is our farm. He carefully prepares non-vegetarian, vegetarian and vegan meals, using only spices from his garden.

Our big, comfortable tents are equipped with large beds, fresh bed covers and towels, with an access to a private bathroom (with solar shower and toilets) and natural swimming pool - all ready to fulfill your wanderlust wishes.

Piva Lake Glamping image from dron Piva Lake Glamping landscape Piva Lake Glamping image from dron Piva Lake Glamping boat Piva Lake Glamping boat house Piva Lake landscape Piva Lake Glamping tent Breakfast on the terrace at Piva Lake Glamping Delicious meal at Piva Lake Glamping Boat trip on Piva Lake Eating watermelon near Piva Lake View on Piva Lake from cave Two girls on terrace at Piva Lake Glamping Piva Lake landscape Girl watching beautiful Piva Lake landscape Girl watching a herd of goats near a Piva Lake Paja host of Piva Lake Glamping Girl enjoying sunset at Piva Lake left arrow right arrow

Mission and vision

partnering with nature

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relax mind, body and soul

Our philosophy is simple, but at the same time complex. With our most important partners – mountains, rivers and the lake, we only can have positive effect on your mind, body and soul.

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Give yourself a break

Get lost in our glamping resort in the north of Montenegro and find yourself again. Doing that, on your sight you will only have thick forests, turquoise lake, blue sky, all calming colors and beautiful singing birds

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magical place

It is a real and true retreat, the one that every living man in 21 century needs. Once you try, we are sure that you will always wish to return to this magical place.

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memorable days enjoying nature

All the spaces were thoughtfully designed to encourage memorable days enjoying delicious meals, sunbathing and cool dips and relishing the country life.

Ideal for

first and foremost zen mode

Attention! It is very important to know that, first of all, we offer peace and retreat in our glamping resort. To give the whole story an extra tempting dimension, we take you to the camp by water. So, you should only think about turning off your phones and allow yourself unforgettable moments. As you do this, count on the stuning views that you'll always wish to return.

We have that pleasure to have it all - lake, mountains and rivers. The best place to be. So, for those who lust for adrenaline, outside of our camp is true paradise for hiking lovers, mountain bikers and botanists.

To have the whole picture, in addition to Piva mountain 2159 m, we are surrounded with so called BMW mountains - Bioč 2397 m, Maglić 2386 m and Volujak 2336 m, but also deep cut canyons of Tara, Piva and Sušica rivers. Spectacular nature, in the heart of Piva Mountain near small town Plužine, 49 km from Žabljak.

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camping and glamping

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organic food

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outdoor activities

Camping and glamping

traditional and glamourous

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euro icon9

overnight stay for 1 person

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for kids under 7 years old - free of charge

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euro icon30

overnight stay for 1 person

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without breakfast

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glamping + breakfast

euro icon35

overnight stay for 1 person

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breakfast included

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Houseboat for two at piva lake glamping

Houseboat for two

enjoy and relax on houseboat

Our houseboat in Piva Lake Glamping resort is designed for those who wish for different approach of leisure. With a large bed, it is suitable for two and it include toilet and minibar. Because most of the time that you will spend outside, we prepared deck chair, parasol and solar lamps.


euro icon40

overnight stay for 2 people

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€ 50 with breakfast

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Places nearby

discover something new

Pluzine city on Piva Lake


Small town in northwestern Montenegro and unofficial center of Piva regon. This youngest town in the region is situated in beautiful surroundings, with peaks of Durmitor, Volujak and Ledenica.

Black Lake landscape


The town is in the centre of the Durmitor mountain region on the highest altitude of the Balkans - 1456 m. Major ski resort, while in summer it’s popular for hiking, rafting and other active pursuits.

Nevidio Canyon near mount Durmitor

Nevidio Canyon

South of the Durmitor national park, near Šavnik, is the remarkable 2.7km-long Nevidio Canyon which means 'invisible'. Narrow and deep rift that has been carved by a small river Komanrinca.

Tara River bridge in Montenegro

Tara Bridge

Concrete arch 365 m long bridge over the Tara River in northern Montenegro. It is 172 meters above the Tara River and one of the most visited attraction in Montenegro.

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