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skadar lake camp

Abundance of cultural and historical monuments, such as archaeological finds, monasteries, fortifications and islands, scattered in the wide range of the Skadar Lake basin, show us that in the XIV and XV century this area was a significant cultural center. Skadar Lake was the site of one of the first significant uprisings against Axis invaders in WWII, and we are especially proud on that antifascist history. In the center of a small town Virpazar is a monument dedicated to the Partizans and Heroes of the WWII.

Whole this region called Crmnica used to be the richest part of Montenegro and now is considered to be one of the most fertile regions of our country. It is known for its vineyards and wine production. Due to the mild climate and fertility, this area was famous for a long time, and the rulers of Zeta (late medieval principality) built courtyards and monasteries in it.

piva lake glamping

Lake Piva was formed after the Piva River was dammed to generate hydrologic power in 1975. Interesting part of the story is that on the bottom of the lake is the old town Plužine. At the spring of River Piva was Piva Monastery, built between 1573 and 1586. It has been relocated 7 km from Plužine, in village Goransko and the works on its displacement lasted longer than a decade, from 1970 to 1982.

Beside that story, very important one is about stećci, medieval tombstones. This interesting phenomenon you will be able to see in certain areas of the Balkan. They demonstrate the merging of religions, chivalry and folk cultures between the 12th and 16th century. They are decorated with unusual and beautiful carvings, social, religious symbols, ornaments, unclassified motifs. Throughout Montenegro, Serbia, BiH and Croatia there are over 70,000 mysterious carved stone tomb monuments at 3,000 sites. 28 of those, including three in our country are protected UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Grmozur Montenegro Alcatraz at Skadar Lake Grmozur Montenegro Alcatraz at Skadar Lake island Stecak historical cite at Piva Lake Stecak historical cite monument at Piva Lake Sveti Vladimir church at Skadar Lake Church near Piva Lake Binoculars watching at Tara canyon left arrow right arrow

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