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skadar lake camp

National Park Skadar Lake is true paradise for tourists who are searching for new experiences. Having in mind that it is the largest lake on Balkan penincula, there is so much to explore. Surely, one of the top 10 must see in Montenegro.

On your journey through Skadar Lake, weather you choose walking or hiking, you will have the opportunity to refresh in natural pools or waterfalls. You can take a walk through the forest and visit historical villages. Nearby is village Dupilo and if you go a bit further toward Rijeka Crnojevića, we reccomend you to visit one special place - Poseljani (14 km) and experience true fairytale. Back in the history that place had an important role in our country with its 14 mills that were operating day and night. If you are lucky to visit it when there is enough water, you will enjoy in stunning waterfalls. And this is just a small part of a beauty that lives nearby.

piva lake glamping

Words and pictures can not describe this place. The magnificent beauty of this area on almost 32 500 ha is diverse relief – mountains above 2300 m, five lakes, large pastures, forests, breathtaking canyons. Conditions for active holiday, and botanists, are excellent. More than 1,500 species of plants are waiting for you, many of which are rare and endangered species.

Piva Mountain is a wide area, mostly a plateau stretched between deep canyons of Piva, Tara, Sušica and Komarnica. The average altitude of this area is around 1200 m above sea level and the highest point is 2159 m above sea level. This plateau, located in the shadow of the surrounding giants such as Durmitor, Maglić, Volujak and Bioč, captures attractive landscapes and spectacular views in the surrounding canyon valleys. Whole region gives you so many oportunities for hiking and is the one that leaves you speechless.

Hiking on Durmitor People hiking on mount Durmitor Mountain flower from Durmitor Hiking on Skadar Lake and Poseljani Direction sign for Skadar Lake and Poseljani Little bridge on Skadar Lake and Poseljani Girl watching landscape of Skadar Lake from the hill Couple on the top of the Vrsuta Man at the top of the hill Vrsuta left arrow right arrow

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