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Fishing options

keeps you fit, while it increases your vitamin D

skadar lake camp

Position of the camp gives so many opportunities when we speak about fishing. You can enjoy in that activity all day on the river Oraovštica which is a minute away on foot. But having in mind that we are situated at the shore of a beautiful Skadar Lake, one of the largest national parks in Montenegro, the sky is the limit.

Fishing has always been one of the main occupations of local population, so there is a long tradition of catching and preparing fish from Skadar Lake. All along the southern coast of the Lake, there are remains of many small fishermen settlements, where people would gather to fish, manage big catches and preserve the fish by salting and drying. Carp, bleak and eel are the most commonly caught fish. Of the 34 native fish species, seven are endemic.

piva lake glamping

This largest reservoir of fresh water in Montenegro is full of fishes and the fishing is allowed. Trout and chub are the species that live here. If you like, you can use our fishing equipment. So the scenery looks like - comfortable tent on the beach, early morning, sunny day and you in the heart of Piva mountain. For adventuros one, we offer houseboat. It is suitable for two and have king size bed. It is a totally different experience that you will always remember. We are here to offer you grill for your catch, or vegetables for salad, everything for nice, fresh and healthy bite.

Good to know is that in our wooden restaurant we serve organic food that we grow and process on Skadar Lake in our bio camp and in accordance with best international farm-to-table practices and experiences. It is a mix of traditional and modern creative recipes.

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