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Culinary specialties

try our products from farm and garden

OK Koral Nature Holidays has a restaurant in which we prepare culinary specialties of the plants and animals that grow on the farm.

It is not a classic restaurant, just a place where you can try our products from the daily menu. In a small two-storey house which is made of natural materials, visitors can enjoy meals created by a combination of traditional and modern culinary recipes.

We cooperate with the local farmers and population and they provide us with the organic products that we ourselves do not make. Dining area is located on the floor, decorated modestly but in accordance with the highest culinary standards.

In our restaurant we prepare food with meat of animals that we grow, but for all lovers of vegetarian and vegan diet there is a special daily menu.

Three plates with organic food culinary specialties Meal from Piva Lake Glamping restaurant Salat from Piva Lake Glamping restaurant Seafood from OK Koral Nature Holidays restaurant Delicious meal from Piva Lake Glamping Spinach and corn from OK Koral biofarm on a plate Meal for two from OK Koral restaurant Breakfast from Piva Lake Glamping Freshwater fish meal from OK Koral Nature Holidays Lunch from Piva Lake Glamping restaurant Farm to table meal from OK Koral Nature Holidays left arrow icon right arrow icon

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