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Outdoor recreation

great exercise, active rest and stunning landscape


Around Skadar Lake and Piva Lake nature is breathtaking, with so many options for hiking. You can experience true fairytale.


OK Koral has several bikes for rent. You can ride bikes in the nearby vicinity of the club, or visit some of the nearby tourist attractions.


You can go on a boat trip to the islands of Beška and Starčevo with monasteries related to Balšić dynasty and cruise around “Montenegrin Alcatraz”


Kayaking can be true adventure if you choose that way to explore the biggest lake on Balkan peninsula or most elevated artificial in the world – Piva Lake.

Historical cites

Abundance of cultural and historical monuments, such as archaeological finds, monasteries, fortifications and islands, scattered in the wide range of the Skadar Lake basin.


Position of our camps on Skadar Lake an Piva Lake, gives so many opportunities for fishing lovers. And the fish is delicious.

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