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Skadar Lake Camp

improving the ecosystem - live in accordance with nature

Skadar Lake Camp is an organic farm with space for camping, where we combine the needs of the modern man for healthy food, pure nature and active approach to leisure time. We grow, process and prepare food that is 100% organic, in accordance with best international farm-to-table practices and experience. It is a mix of traditional and modern creative recipes...

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Piva Lake Glamping

time to recharge in wild nature – make it your new priority

In the heart of Piva Mountain and on the beach of Piva Lake, in the north of Montenegro, we built unique resort. Wooden house, glamorous tents and a natural, turquoise swimming pool are waiting for you. You should only think about turning off your phones and allowing yourself unforgettable moments...

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Improving the ecosystem

live in accordance with nature


Dealing with gardening has a number of benefits that positively affect the health and mood according to numerous studies published in the last 10 years

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interacting with animals

Being able to touch and watch the animals helps people to learn about agriculture and encourages the human-animal bond

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science and art

Artists, scientists and others achieve great results in a pleasant environment of our camp, that gives them inspiration and impetus for progress

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Farm to table experience

organic food, best nutrition, great taste

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fruits and vegetables

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herbs and teas

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animal products

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from farm to table

organic vegetables

Organicly grown fruits and vegetables

dozens of varieties of vegetables and fruits

Food with vegetables and fruits can lower blood pressure, reduce risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, lower risk of eye and digestive problems, and have a positive effect upon blood sugar which can help keep appetite in check, according to Harvard scientists.

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organic herbs and teas

Organic grown herbs and teas

dozens of varieties of herbs and teas

Made from herbs, fruits, seeds, or roots steeped in hot water, herbal teas have lower concentrations of antioxidants than green, white, black, and oolong teas. Their chemical compositions vary widely depending on the plant used.

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healthy animal products

Meat, egs and fish

from our farm

Duck, quail, domestic chicken, goat, and their eggs and milk products are among the healthiest animal products. In addition to having a great effect on health, these types of meat and meat products are culinary specialties.

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farm to table experience

Farm to table experience

culinary specialties, try our products from farm and garden

It is not a classic restaurant, just a place where you can try our products from the daily menu. In a small two-storey house which is made of natural materials, visitors can enjoy meals created by a combination of traditional and modern culinary recipes.

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Outdoor recreation

great exercise, active rest and stunning landscape


Around Skadar Lake and Piva Lake nature is breathtaking, with so many options for hiking. You can experience true fairytale.


OK Koral has several bikes for rent. You can ride bikes in the nearby vicinity of the club, or visit some of the nearby tourist attractions.


You can go on a boat trip to the islands of Beška and Starčevo with monasteries related to Balšić dynasty and cruise around “Montenegrin Alcatraz”


Kayaking can be true adventure if you choose that way to explore the biggest lake on Balkan peninsula or most elevated artificial in the world – Piva Lake.

Historical cites

Abundance of cultural and historical monuments, such as archaeological finds, monasteries, fortifications and islands, scattered in the wide range of the Skadar Lake basin.


Position of our camps on Skadar Lake an Piva Lake, gives so many opportunities for fishing lovers. And the fish is delicious.

Explore stunning Piva Lake

time to recharge in wild nature – make it your new priority

The mountain and the lake. The best place to be. Offering the best of both worlds, this place has it all. All the spaces were thoughtfully designed to encourage memorable days enjoying delicious meals, sunbathing and cool dips and relishing the country life...

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What our guests say

our guests have created some incredible memories

Steen Faurskov guest of Ok Koral

Fantastic place with great food from the Organic garden and bio-farm and a great Host. Must try this in beautiful Montenegro.Amazing place with all what you searching for.

Steen Faurskov


Marielita Oroysangre guest of Ok Koral

Lovely farm and very kind owners! Perfect place to relax and enjoy the nature! It's good if you have your own tent but you could also rent their bit tent very comfy. Recommended!

Marielita Oroysangre


Jenna Bird guest of Ok Koral

Such beautiful people!! Very welcoming. Food was amazing, and so nice to know that it it all comes from the farm. The glamping tent was perfect and very cosy. Could not recommend this place more!!

Jenna Bird


Our news

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Piva Lake Glamping

OK Koral Nature Holidays

enters new season with a new, updated website

New website of OK Koral Nature Holidays will give you all the informations that you need about our glamping and camping sites on Skadar and Piva Lake...

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OK Koral tree house

Fairy Tale, Western Movie

and popular tv show

The idea for the establishment Okkoral outdor camp was created by the symbiosis of three motives: Classic fairy tale, the famous western movie and popular TV show...

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Skadar Lake

improving the ecosystem - live in accordance with nature

Piva Lake

time to recharge in wild nature – make it your new priority